US Election 2016 : A Woman , Another Black Or Who?

America may not have invented democracy but it has been superbly perfect, In more ways than one.

Take the next presidential elections: Some say it is fixed. Like wrestling.

Here is  why they think so .For the first time in history, a sitting Vice President is not running for an office he's most qualified for .That would be Joe Biden

Then all the politicians in the Republican Party don't want to be president even though they control both Senate and Congress. That leaves the field clear for two non professional politicians.

Ben Carson. A black man and better known in medical circles. And a black man is the current president!

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The Donald Trump.  Well a white man but better known as a business man and an actor.

Today, Polls show that were the elections be held now, Ben Carson is the only person that just might beat Hillary Clinton. Both score 47% among registered voters.

And Trump says Hillary is popular because she is not facing hard questions.

As If. With Benghazi and E-mail scandals. One would think that nobody will envy Mrs Clinton.

Now, the wrestling part. Namely, that it is fixed.

Ross Perot : After Ronald Reagan and George H.W Bush, and I agree, it was time for America to make money. The problem was that a very popular president, Bush, wanted another term. Wasn't Desert Storm a text book success?

Mr Perot ,  a Jewish billionaire, entered the race in 1990 using George Bush's manifesto as an independent candidate.
He promptly carved off 20 million votes to pave the way for an obscure( by Washington's standard) governor from even more obscure Ankassas to beat an incumbent president. Enter Bill Clinton.

The Republicans remembered 1980 and how a certain "Iran hostage crises" deprived an incumbent democrat, Jimmy Carter.

After 8 years of the highest economic prosperity, outsiders were waiting for Al Gore's inauguration. Then two of Bush's sons entered the game.
One a candidate that Gore humiliated at debates. And Governor Jeb who will mess up Florida.
What Mr Gore needed was 500 votes. But Mrs Clinton was running for Senate, of all places, in New York.

Oh, then there was also another billionaire. Is Ralph Nadir Jewish? He "took" 5 million votes that should have gone to Al Gore. He ran, like Perot before him, as an independent. On Gore's manifesto.

By the way, Mr Nadir, apart from money, was an "environmentalist" An issue that will later earn Mr Gore a Nobel Prize. How inconvenient can that truth be?

Then George W. Bush, of all people won because of "Clinton fatigue"

Then September 11, 2001 happened. The Republican went to shop. Within days Bush brought down the dreaded Taliban.  Still Dick Cheney didn't tell him anything. Even Mr Clean, Colin Powell, agreed that Saddam would destroy the world.

So Bush entered Iraq like his father before him. But unlike his father before him , he didn't know what was happening.

The mistakes were so many; to well paraphrase Chris Rock, Bush messed up so badly that anybody could beat him. Even a Black fresh man Senator Obama.

It' s almost 2016, time to check the records. In July this year, when all the Republican contesters, were small specks in Donald Trump's mirror, he said "If at some point, I feel that I am being treated unfairly, then I will be forced to run as an Independent".


And Ben Carson could do the same .Taking with him all the black and Hispanic votes that could hurt Hillary Clinton.

That is how elections are run in America.
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