Terrorism: Everyone Must Help.Especially Muslims.

Grade school trivia thought me that Live read backwards is Evil. And this is no longer grade school. Nor is the current evil that some call "the new normal" trivial. No: It is grave and denigrates life in all life means. After the attacks on Metrojet,Paris,Mali Nigeria and other places around the world,it is time for Life to combat Evil.

This means that there would be no justification of any kind. Especially from Muslims. No amount of despair can justify terrorism. Most people,after all ,live desperate lives .Even in The Rich World. What is Boko Haram's despair? And isil .All of them? When a terror attack is committed there are many people, that rush to rationalise it by stating that the people have a reason One could go on about where this despair/reason could be directed.

In Nigeria for instance, why not towards Northern leaders, who have refused to bring life to its people? Routinely,Nigeria leaders "condemn"these attacks. That approach is hopelessly inadequate. The people of the world really have no choices now but to come together. Russia's president,Vladimir Putin was forced by the downing of Metrojet to realise that the world has a common enemy. Namely evil.

Islam is supposed to be the religion of peace. But truth be told,, with very few exceptions, terror attacks anywhere are perpetrated by Muslims, and most of the world’s current conflicts involve Muslims as well, and the mayhem is utterly abysmal . I accept that Jihadism and fundamentalist Islam do not represent the views of the majority of Muslims, but where are they? But that majority is too silent.

In Africa and anywhere there's terrorists attacks, Where are the Muslim rallies? for peace? The Egyptian government ,for example, is still in self denial that ISil brought down Metro jet. It needs money from tourism. Terrorism is horrific. Everywhere. The killing of innocent people is unacceptable. Period. It makes no difference whether it is people at work in the Twin Towers. Or traders at a 'GSM Market in Kano. Or fans of a heavy-metal band in the Bataclan theatre, or a father and mother shot dead in front of their children in an Israeli car, or young women captured as sex slaves in Tunisia .

Terrorism causes people to suspect others on the streets and to ask whether it is wise to help refugees. Terrorism destroys lives and souls and it is destroying the life and the soul of our world. It needs to be condemned. Everywhere. In Beirut, in Paris, in Nairobi, in Madrid, in New York, Nigeria ,Mali The only way out (if it is not already too late) is to stand up with on voice against terror of any sort, against evil, against the undermining of humanity.

To ,from now onwards,ditch the Us against Them syndrome and truly understand, that the only way that anybody will survive is if we learn to live in peace with one another, and find a way to do that. Time is running out.

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