Biafra: Violent Protests In Onitsha Reveal More Cracks In Nigeria

Pretending that something does not exist or legislating against it does not make it go away. Much like Obama said on June 15, 2015 in a Pod cast. "Not using the word Nigger does not mean that the perceptions of some people as Niggers does not exist.

In all societies, there are fringe groups that get their kicks from just being outside the main stream.

In the US there are atavistic groups that want The State Of Texas. They felt the rest member states of the Union are pests. At that time Oil was King. Everybody was a millionaire.

There is the Confederation Flag that still flies along side The Star Spangled Banner. It wasn't until a young man entered and killed all the people in a Black Church in early summer of this year that some of those flags came down.

The Biafra case is a bit different in the sense that they fought a bloody civil war with Nigeria. I am sure Nnamdi Kanu was not even born. And I doubt that what Mr Kanu wants is another civil war.

The Ibo people, for good and for ill, have earned the label of a renegade group of people who cannot be trusted. Especially with power.

As a much younger man at the Youth Service in Yobe State most of the indigenous kanuri people called me "Nyamiri" .

It loosely translate to "give me water" as Ibos begged for food and water when they were losing the war.

And I am not Ibo. Just a bit more light skinned enough for the Kanuris to conclude wrongly that I could be from any other place.

In Iboland, the language and cosmology is Ibo. The "visitor has to explain himself after say no to "Onyim Igbo"? Are you Ibo?

To the people of South West, you are "Omo Ibo" as long as you are not Hausa.

By the way, the Ibos have a name for Yoruba, "Mberibe"

The so called more enlightened people of the South foolishly refer to Efik and Ibibios who are mostly from Akwa Ibom as Calabar people.

Just as they refer to people in the north again foolishly as Hausas.

What Radio Bafra, as a fringe group more than shows is the obvious. Namely that Nigeria is deeply divided.

Arrest, incacerations cannot remove that consciousness.

The South South is even more fractured. Nearly every village in the Niger Delta Identifies itself first as a member of his small nation.

This division is why there is too much energy, time and resources wasted for the quest for political power.

Attaining it only angers the others hence a word like marginalisation frequently used word in daily discus.

Arresting Mr Kanu will not make it go away. Harassing and smothering dissent will not make it go away.

Those tactics has never,  worked.

More enlightened people now resort to dialogue. Scotland almost left Britain last year. Catalonia wants to leave Spain.

All these are done via talks and engagements.

Why is Nigeria so afraid of seriously examining Itself? Only in a rigorous, yes, disruptive, self analysis will Nigeria find some answers.

Then the questions can begin. Such is the percy liar nature of the Nigeria social anthropological  landscape that answers will come before questions.

And the right time is now. All other national agenda are a waste of time.
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