Obituary SA: By Jacob Zuma

History has shown that when a nation is about to fall,Its people first elect a leader that would save them. Same history shows that the leader kills the nation as it becomes a very large private property that one man cannot manage.

In 2012," the people wanted change" So a very wise Tambo Mbeki stepped aside.

Jacob  Zuma, whose 8th wife lives in an $8 million palace, has asked all African chiefs to file for claims on "their land"
Already, the King of Kwazulu Natal gets $15 million annually as entitlement benefits.
By December, Parliament is expected to vote on the controversial land ownership bill.
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Jacob Zuma defended the killing of 33 black miners by black police. They wanted only an improved work condition.

Julius Malema, who opposed Zuma at the time, has been bought. But he is getting impatient.
The ANC has practically evaporated.
What held them together was a hatred for Whites.

Today, they hate themselves and love the Whites because of money
Apartheid has taken on a new form.
Of every list of 100 rich South Africans, 96 are Whites.
And 55 people are killed by violent attack in Johannesburg. in one day.
All deaths are Blacks: killed by Blacks.

When, in late 2013 and 2014, a visionary but starkly impractical group, decided they could rival the IMF and The World Bank, Zuma jumped on board, No recourse to consequences.

When the Oil War began, old alliances failed as new ones came up.
BRICS is in a coma except for China who only joined to get raw materials.

Today, South Africa has the worst performing economy in Africa The white man has mined all the diamond and Gold . And has fled with the money.

The entitlement bill is not different from Mugabe's Indigenous act that killed Zimbabwe.

When passed, it will ineluctably cause more deaths as regional people fight over empty land.

Nigeria has just dealt the country a huge blow. Monday, October 26, MTN Nigeria was slammed with a fine. 1.04 trillion Naira( $5.2 BillIon), more than the budget of most Africa nations.

Even after Apartheid,South African Blacks were very hostile to "African"(that's what they call other Africans) Those that helped free them from white rule.

Because of Nelson Mandela, the economic structure was still in place.
He only wanted freedom.
The country even had Africa's strongest currency, the Rand,

Today ,the Rand is dead.

A foster child 10 years ago, Rwanda, will not give black South Africans visas.
Jacob Zuma has killed a former nuclear nation.

Nations are about their people. Not the leader.
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